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All sorts of interesting stuff about Ham Radio and old gear from Steve G3ZPS, near London in the UK

 Welcome to G3ZPS Ham Radio.

STOP PRESS. Keep the 'stay at home blues' away during April - We will be running an 80m vintage radio SSB net every weekday at 11.00 UK time (10.00 UTC) on 3.777 +/-.  KW, Drake, Collins, Swan, early Yaesu etc. Prob only G and near EU stations will be audible here but its a bit of fun to pass the time. AM ops in the UK are lower down the band on 3615 and 3625

First licensed in 1970 at age 16, I am one of the youngest 'active' UK hams to hold an original 'G3' call sign. In 2020 I have held my callsign for 50 years. These pages include information on my lifetime in the hobby and my retirement passion for restoring valve ham radio equipment (or tubes if you prefer). I have built up a collection of Drake (USA) and the lesser known (outside of the UK) KW Electronics equipment.. My KW pages open out to cover my extensive collection, click on the 'WELCOME'  page to get back here. . I'm always willing to help anyone working on old gear..I never know when I might need their help !

Site Summary

I started collecting and restoring vintage ham radio equipment in 2002, when it became obvious that the equipment may become scarce in the future. My tube equipment collection started with a Drake R4B quickly followed by a Drake T4XB. The Drake collection slowly grew as my enthusiasm to buy waxed and waned. My next target was a UK company close to my heart 'KW Electronics' - and I have been very lucky to pick up some very good examples. A few bits of older Heathkit and Yaesu gear have also been through the workshop !

Look through these pages to see more of the collection and some of the trials and tribulations of keeping this old kit on the air in the 21st century.  I also build QRP tube and solid state radios, audio amplifiers, music synthesisers, run my own music studio and play the guitar (a lot!)'. This is a scientific hobby; build something, modify something, restore something..above all else experiment and learn something.

Find me on Facebook as ' Steve Shorey' or 'G3ZPS', I have 2 separate pages . Pictures of some of my 160m ham radio chums from the 70's here

Also contact me if you would like me to talk at your Amateur Radio Club - my latest presentation is '999 Emergency - Public Safety Communications Past, Present and Future'. This draws from my 35 years of experience in mobile communications and has been constantly updated.  Over 3 years I have given this talk at more than 16 Amateur Radio clubs in South East UK. Gloucester Amateur Radio Club , Eastbourne and Farnborough (Hants) are coming up later in 2020 - dates TBA


Email me at , Facebook G3ZPS  or Facebook Steves Homepage

Please reference me if you use any material from this site - some material is clearly in the public domain but some is my own copywrite (so ideally ask permission first)


Latest - Spring 2020



Plesae checkout The Ham Radio Citizen Science web pages from Scranton University (Penn USA). The 2 day March 2020 webinar on their work with ham radio was very informative - it was run by the very young looking Asst Prof Nathaniel Frissell (W2NAF). He and and his team brings together academics, students and radio practioners (including Tim K3LR and David K2DH ), to cover a whole range of projects involing ionospheric and space weather research using ham radio. Many of the academics (mostly US) were hams and the enthusiasm for the hobby in many US Universities was very refreshing. This is right up my street and shows how ham radio can still make significant contributions to research. They even used FT8 and CW operators for ionospeheric research on doppler shift using the SDR on the CASSIOPE satellite to listen to CW field day in orbit at 670Km. The team could then look at the scintillations on the signals caused by parts of the ionosphere

Latest HF Conditions

This is best site I have found for assessing HF propagation over the UK. 'Propquest' by Jim G3YLA